11 December 2008

Using SlideShare for MapMate presentation

I've used the MapMate species recording database for about seven years now, both at home and in my jobs, and I've run a number of training workshops for people wanting to use this program. I've just been experimenting with putting up my 'MapMate overview' presentation onto SlideShare. The procedure I used was:
  • Create a powerpoint presentation
  • Record a commentary to go with it - I recorded mine in Powerpoint 2007, but this was a bit of a pain, and I ended up having to edit the commentary using the WavePad Sound Editor (a great free download), so will record it separately next time
  • Upload the presentation to SlideShare
  • Upload the audio to a file store (I used Internet Archive)
  • Use SlideShare's slidecast tools to link the audio to the slides
The result:

(NB that this presentation is now available for others to use under a Creative Commons Share Alike licence)

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