15 February 2012

Wildlife, citizens, science - Darwin Festival Feb 2012

Here are some links to do with citizen science and (mostly) wildlife recording, compiled to support a 'Café Science' event I'm presenting at the Darwin Festival in Shrewsbury, 17 February 2012.

Citizen Science (CS) projects, entirely online:

  • Herbaria at Home - museums and BSBI in an effective partnership to recruit help with digitising data from plant specimens (UK)
  • Cornell bird identification - innovative project to get people to 'train' an online identification system (USA)
  • WhaleFM - help categorise whale songs (international)
  • Instant Wild - help identify mammals recorded on-camera (international)
  • Zooniverse - collection of astronomical CS projects (universal)
  • Mappiness - uses apps to get people to record how happy they are at particular times, intends to look at whether being out in green space improves happiness [of course it does!], among other aims (UK)
Real-world projects with clever online elements:
Thanks to XKCD
  • Evolution Megalab from The Open University - main project has finished but you can still use and contribute to the website
  • Nature's Calendar - you can contribute records of wildlife seasonal change, and also explore the records already online via some ingenious interactive maps (UK)
  • OPAL surveys - well-designed environmental surveys with online data entry and analysis (UK)
  • Your Wild Life - fun projects looking at wildlife (some of it at micro-organism level) in our homes and on our bodies - armpit biodiversity anyone? (USA)
CS record-breakers:
Wildlife survey CS projects mentioned in the talk:

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